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My name is Barbara Arora. I am a registered dietitian in Bromley specialising in a range of dietetics services for clinical referrals and private clients.

Your dietitian in South East London

With over 30 years of experience as a qualified dietitian, I have a wealth of knowledge about the relationship between food and well being. During my career as a clinical dietitian I have worked in both the NHS and Private Healthcare sectors.

The first part of my career was spent in the NHS where I gained a wide range of experience and became a Chief Dietitian.

After 11 years I left the NHS to establish my own private dietetics practice in South East London. Here, I welcome both clinical referrals from GPs and consultants, and self-referrals from private clients.

Are you looking for expert diet advice in the Bromley area?

Your diet has a significant impact on your body. When you have a disorder relating to your digestive system, learning what to eat from an expert can be beneficial to your overall health. As a qualified dietitian, I can teach you what to eat to not only help relieve your symptoms, but also to help transform your quality of life.

With three decades of expertise in the Dietetics profession, I specialise in the following areas:

  • Gastroenterology: IBS, Coeliac Disease, IBD
  • Food intolerance and allergies
  • Diabetes
  • PCOS
  • Weight loss management
  • General healthy eating for the whole family
  • Expert diet advice

I am a Health Professions Council Registered dietitian so you can rest assured that my expertise is based on the highest professional standards.

For expert diet advice in London, call 0203 589 9866 now or fill out the enquiry form on the contact page.

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